This is a Story that i made but it's fake so read it (warning if your a Pinecest Fan don't read it)

Captain MARIOWORLDXX: ..... 

Captain MARIOWORLDXX: *reads a Warning sign without opening it*

Warning Sign: Warning! if you open this door you'll die if your a pinecest hater

Captain MARIOWOLRDXX: *opens door*

Deadliest Pinecest Shipper: *now you'll die Pinecest Hater!

Captain MARIOWORLDXX: *shuts door and hits deadliest pinecest shipper at the nose with a door*

Deadliest Pinecest Shipper: Gaah! you'll pay for it! D:<  *breaks door*

Captain MARIOWORLDXX: *shoots at Deadliest Pinecest Shipper*

Deadliest Pinecest Shipper: *blades shows up at the hands*

.............3 Minutes Later............

Captain MARIOWORLDXX: *shoots deadliest Pinecest Shipper at the face*

Deadliest Pinecest Shipper: *dies*

Captain MARIOWORLDXX: *goes into room*